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Air Conditioning and Automatic Disinfection in a Floriculture Farm


AIRFOG possibilities for air conditioning in hot Summer time both with disinfection and leaf fertilization

High quality flower farming in greenhouse by using AirFog system


The temperature was dropped by 35.6~37.4 F (2~3℃) in greenhouse-Air conditioning in hot Summer.

AIRFOG saved labor cost by 71% (general 70min/2000m2, AirFog 20min/2000m2).


AIRFOG can drop air temperature by 35.6F (2℃) by automated system.

AIRFOG can save laboring hours by 71% (70→20min/20a).

AIRFOG can efficiently disinfect all intended area at once.

AIRFOG can ensure high-quality products by maintaining cleaner environments.

Clean-Up Efficiency of Leaf Fertilization


Calcium is one of the main circulating ingredients. For instance, Tomato blossom-end rot section is physiologically defected as the lack of calcium. AIRFOG lets calcium directly be absorbed by spraying into leaf, stem and fruit through the foliar spray, so that we can see expected and rapid effective results.


AIRFOG saved work time by 543%, compared with the existing general atomizer in 10a area.

As a result of plant calcium analysis, general HPA system was little bit higher for leaf and stem than LPA but no difference for fruit.

Formation malformed fruits reduced by 32% at LPA as 194kg/10a in comparison with HPA as 287kg/10a.

Efficiency at Cowshed


In the hot Summer time, stressed cows may produce less milk, so they need air conditioning by AIRFOG.


35.6~37.4F (2~3℃) temperature dropped in greenhouse by AIRFOG in hot summer

Saved work hours by 83% (60→10min/20a)

Stabilized milk production: production increased in comparison with legacy systems

Ensured competitive advantage of high-quality products produced by cleaner environments









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