I, as a local government official in China, have been looking for an affordable system for greenhouse watering and fertilizing system assisted by artificial intelligence for my agricultural community for many years, and finally came up with AIRFOG last year.  While I am currently pursuing for the project management for AIRFOG, I could be so happy with its easy installation process management and AIRFOG team’s project implementation quality. We have hundreds and thousands of greenhouse farmers in my province, so I am excited with having AIRFOG technology in hand and working together with AIRFOG as we are expected to transform our current system to smart farming technology in upcoming years.

Q City In S Province

S Korea

AIRFOG is going to play a key role for removing fine dust in subway flatforms and long tunnels of our metro system in our city. I am glad to have AIRFOG dust removing technology in our city on the right time as removing or eliminating fine dust from our living environment has become a prevailing and serious issue for all of us in S Korea.

Seoul Metro


We have been using and distributing the AIRFOG system to my customers since a couple of years ago. The system certainly has its competitive edge and will lead smart farming infrastructure in our region. The communities we are situated in have a variety of agricultural or farming needs in cattle farming or removing bad smell out of stalls or barns as they are located near towns we are living in. AIRFOG really helps us keep clean air in the farm structures. We will continue to work with AIRFOG as AIRFOG takes care of our societal needs as well as economic turnouts.

GFC, K City in Kyushu






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