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Plug and Play Selected USAIRFOG to Promote.

www.plugandplaytechcenter.com USAIRFOG has been selected by Plug and Play to be accelerated in the US Market. What a good sign for this business startup! USAIRFOG always pursues for both economic and social values for human well-being.

USAIRFOG Business Basic Concept

USAIRFOG_Dr. Johnny Chung_May 2019 You may download the document for your use to familiarize yourself with the basic concept of USAIRFOG.  

US AIRFOG Automated Control System

Airfog Automated Control System_English USAIRFOG system functions by the automated control system. As the spraying nozzles are installed in accordance with your site formation, these nozzles are controlled by the automated control system for your needs. This is part...

Japanese Buyers Making a Field Trip

USAirfog Spraying System is a unique and advanced spraying system invented by Delta E&C and patented. Compared to existing spraying tools, it is cost-effective, preventive from harmful effects when it is utilized to spraying fertilizers. You can use the system for...

Livestock Odor Removal

For those who breed cattle in the barn, or stall, and the like, they may need to eliminate odor, keep clean, control temperature, in order to keep them healthy, or produce more and better what they want to get. AIRFOG system automatically operated is the...

Dust or Fine Dust Removal

AIRFOG is one of the most effective solutions for removing dust, even fine dust, from your living environments, whether you are working in the office, factory, or any closed in-house facilities, even underground situations like subway stations or tunnels....

Irrigation or Fertilizer Spraying

For those who grow crops, flowers, vegetables, seedlings, or any sort of plants, they may need to irrigate, fertilize, kill weeds, spray insecticides or pesticides. Now, they should use AIRFOG, automated and artificial intelligence applied, in order to...


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